If that's the way it is, Then that's the way it is
'But I don't know what's real and what's going on
And I don't wanna be here when the sky is gone
(I just can't keep up with it, I)
I don't wanna think about it all, I'm tired
(Nothing's good, there's something more)
I don't wanna think about it all, I'm tired'

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I published this painting I did a while ago then deleted it and I don’t really know why!!
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put me in a train to anywhere with you
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Life Is Life. Acrilic on paper. 10,6x10,6”. Tayone
teacher: ur essay is full of mistakes lmao
me: lol who gives a fuck about an oxford comma
teacher: tru
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I’m really not supposed to, but yes, you can call me anything you want.
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a dead Lilly pad, flipped over, at an indoor amazon waterlilly pavilion
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with the boys across the platform shouting lightweight prick, i’m a featherweight champion, cheap to get pissed

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